Dynamic Tent Design - May 2013
Form and Deformity in PLAY TEHRAN Workshop Inspiration, Creativity and Design Process in Architecture
Rhino - Keyshot
purpose of this project was to select an object, and analyze its form and functionality, and using the object create a design with a new form and functionality. The object that I selected was Telescopic  Antenna, and I analyzed it in two ways
1. Depending on its functionality and build, Antenna can have different different forms.
2. Functionality of the Antenna is to transmit and receive signals three dimensionally and provide connection between different ends.

Considering the aforementioned characteristics: Four antennas were perpendicularly placed in four corners of a square, and two pieces of cloths are used to illustrate the connectivity of Antennas as well as three dimensional nature of signals. The ability for antennas to be open or partly closed creates variety of forms in pieces of cloths
If we look at the space between the different cloth planes, and lower our viewpoint, we can see a 3D space that in its own can be part of an architecture. In fact, this can act as a “Design Machine” that creates variety of forms starting from the simplest primitive object (Cube) to different kinds of complex forms as shown in the figure below; hence the name “Antenna Design Machine”.
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