Deployable Structure Design - CCA Transtudio - Spring 2023
Rhino - 3D Printing - Laser Cutting
Aragog is a deployable scissor structure designed by Ali Farajmandi, Reid Womack, Simran Omer under supervision of Dr Negar Kalantar.

This aim of this deployable scissor structure project was to produce a mechanically sound structure that appears flowing.
We concentrated on creating a movable structure which appears to tilt and flow diagonally. The difficulty in making this design stems from facilitating organization through a small variety of individual elements. This project tests the limits of conventional engineering, calling for creative problem-solving and imaginative thinking to produce deployable structures that are both functional and aesthetically attractive. We wanted to learn new methods and techniques through this project that we may utilize in future architectural, design and engineering projects. This project explores the potential for something complex and dynamic to emerge out of very simple and highly regular components.

Other Possible orientations
Exploded Diagram & Material table:
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