Temporary Pavilion Design - Spring 2023
Rhino - Grasshopper -  Lumion 
The new addition to Crane Cove Park is a temporary pavilion inspired by lighthouses. The designer used tubes and fabric to create a tower-like structure that sits over the water. The pipes were horizontally positioned with a turning effect, allowing the fabric to drape over them, resulting in a unique design. The interior is equally impressive, with shorter pipes allowing light to penetrate and create a beautiful effect visible from the top.
The pavilion's lighting design was carefully planned to enhance its beauty. Perforations in the fabric create a gradient effect, allowing light to penetrate and illuminate the interior while creating an eye-catching visual effect outside. Linear lights attached to the main structure highlight the turning pipes, creating a bold look at night. These design elements work together to create a visually stunning experience day and night.
Construction Detail
Construction Detail
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