Designing For an Artist - Undergrads Studio 2 - Fall2010
Rhino - AutoCad - Lumion 
The subject of the project was designing a villa for a particular artist named M.C.Escher, who was a creator of surreal and inspiring designs. Designing a villa for such a person posed a great challenge due to their unique taste. The question was how to incorporate his style, which heavily relies on illusion and is not very realistic.
Referencing the monochromatic palette of his works, the design manipulated black and white surfaces in a way that creates an illusion. At the same time, the proposal utilizes the concept of one of his great works named "Metamorphosis" in the project, which transforms from a line to a surface, from a surface to a volume, and ultimately, back to a surface and line again. These transformative dynamic processes produce inspiration through variation and disruption of regular patterns.
The Difference between colors on Surfaces are to make optical illusions 
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