Cloud City :  Teamwork for CCA Advanced Studio- Spring 2023
Rhino - Grasshopper - 3D Printing - Laser Cutting - Lumion - Photoshop Post Production 
This studio project, "The Cloud City," is an exciting exploration of the possibilities for the western section of the San Francisco  Oakland Bay Bridge. Our team is using emerging technologies and AI to repurpose the bridge's superstructure as a social, cultural, and ecological catalyst for the region. The challenge is to create innovative and sustainable solutions using Voronoi shapes, including hydroponic systems for a girl rebuilding her ancestors' vineyard. By combining these shapes with collective program elements like gardens & community spaces, we aim to inspire awe, ritual, and meaning, and contribute to a better future for the city, region, and civilization as a whole.
Accumulating new architectural objects converts the bridge from a static and obsolete relic into a dynamic and evolving monument.
Growth diagrams
Technical drawings in 2105:
Physical Model 1' : 1/4"
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