Materialities of Care: Domestic Entanglements across species
Teamwork for CCA Advanced Studio- Fall 2022
Rhino - Grasshopper - 3D Printing (PLA + Clay) - Laser Cutting - Rammed Earth
PLUG-INN is a call to stay, wander, and discover.
It transforms two residential blocks in the neighborhood of Fremont along the Alameda creek trail into a communal living space, a communal garden with leisure amenities, and pollinator habitats that will interest both people and other animals. This paved trail along Alameda Creek from Niles Canyon to the bay attracts cyclists, skaters, & runners. As a result, it invites and produces a sizable habitat for pollinators and a place focused on short-term homestays and experiences for individuals. This kind of system is designed to function annually and include numerous species. Our focus was to create a "less hierarchical Human and Non-Human Habitat"!
My experience in this studio:
Work with the rammed earth technique and use CNC & 3D printing to make rammed earth liners - Use Potterbot for 3D printing models with clay
Design a plug-in joinery system for prefabricated components (Human/Non-Human Habitats) - Discover materialities and research and make a sample of magnetic concrete
- Make a rammed earth sample catalog with 30 different mixtures of dirt with food waste like crushed oyster shells or calcium carbonate powder, coffee grounds, natural pigments, and other sustainable materials.
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