Residential Complex Design - Undergrads studio 5 - Spring 2012
Revit - 3Ds Max -  Lumion 
The idea and concept behind the design was to first start with a cube, a simple primitive object and create a design that aside from its general harmony also gives a good feeling to the viewer using its simplicity. I also wanted to ensure the design is not boring and cliché, and the residents can find their house easier considering the particular differences of each building. Thus, I've introduced the following differences in the design: * Each building has either 4 or 5 floors. * Direction of each building is in such a way that the door entrance of a building is not facing the entrance of the neighbouring buildings.
The bridges between the buildings are selected among different floors to provide a sense of continuity and rhythm in the residential complex. The bridges also create new viewpoints, and allow the residents of each building to experience new alternative views.
Each unit of the building as well as floor heights are designed specifically in a way that adds privacy for residents of these units.
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