Clay Printing - Teamwork for CCA Ecological Tectonics - Fall 2022
Rhino - Grasshopper - 3D Printing (PLA + Clay) - Laser Cutting - Keyshot
In this project, we designed a planter in a circle shape and then modify it to of grid thing to make it more effective to be a shading system. It combines controlling the sunlight while serving as a planter. This rotating system is controlled by Arduino and gears!
We used to work with planar toolpath before but this time we start to discover and find out how we can change the Z axis during printing. As you can see we print some basic shapes to see the result of pressing layers or printing with slope! both technically and aesthetically!
We were also amazed by making a physical effect on the print process! so we design our floating bed and use tapping on the bed to see the vibration while printing clay.
Can we call it Cobot? maybe! it was a type of collaboration between humans and robots! This method has the potential to customize the pattern or print a sense or live effect!
Our stackable system/parts use a series of gears and joints and you can try to work with them. Each block has less than half a pound weight and we think a frame of 4 by 6 makes a good module for assembling a facade. Also, as an unintentional potential, the curve under the planter can catch fog and provide watering for lower planters.
As you see in the details, we try to control the weight of the system with ball bearings and let the gear system move smoothly.
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