Tessellation in Transformation- CCA Transtudio - Spring 2023
Rhino - Grasshopper - Laser Cutting - Lumion
The “Vortex” is a radial scissor structure inspired by the mesmerizing moiré wheel! The scissor is based on a 12-sided polygon and features long, curved pieces that interlock with one another to create a stunning moiré effect.
What’s unique about this design is the way the curves are carefully crafted to allow the pieces to sit beside each other when the scissor is open, and when the scissor is collapsed, it forms a fully closed circle, making it easy to transport and store.
Each piece is connected to three pieces on the opposite side using one set of screws, steel washers placed between the pieces, and lock nuts, with connections made from both the top and bottom faces.

For the main material, I used laser-cut plexiglass sheets that were spray-painted on one side to create a matte finish, while the other side was left glossy. The top layer is painted gray, while the bottom layer is painted orange, which creates a striking visual effect where the orange emerges from beneath the gray as the structure opens.
Taking inspiration from the playful shadows created by this geometric design, I positioned it under a spotlight to allow for controlled lighting when the structure is collapsed and to create intriguing shadows when it is opened.
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